Repstall – gas appliance maintenance, Herts, Beds, Bucks & north London

Unfortunately an overlooked part of having gas appliances in your property is regular maintenance. Regular maintenance (annual servicing) is such a hugely important part in the life of a gas appliance. There is three major reasons for this:



If an appliance is not properly serviced there can be in worst case potential for a fire or producing carbon monoxide which can be lethal and is known for good reason as the *the silent killer*


Extending the life of an appliance

By regularly servicing the appliance can reduce costly repairs by testing the appliances and making sure they are functioning correctly and finding potential wearing components before they result in a complete breakdown.



By regularly servicing a gas appliance you are ensuring the appliance is working to its optimal efficiency and therefore reducing how much gas is used and ultimately reducing the cost of operating the appliance.


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