Do you need powerflushing in Dunstable, or in the Dunstable area?

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Powerflushing is the process of cleaning out your central heating boiler and radiators with a specialised machine and chemicals.

Powerflushes are required because of sludge build up in a system which causes blockages, leaks, increased component wear and water component failure. Our powerflushes are always carried out using the latest Kamco powerflush machines with their approved chemicals and a Kamco heavy duty combimag magnet for picking up the debris in the system. When there is blockages or restrictions in your system it can cause radiators not to work, poor heat output in the property or continuous components failing.

When a powerflush is carried out by Repstall it not only restores circulation back to your heating, but clears all the sludge and debris to leave a clean sludge free heating system, but also highly increases the efficiency of the boiler and radiators the heat up the property quicker, boost the heat from the radiators and save you money off your energy bills by doing so.

We also use thermal imaging cameras to identify issues with heat output and blockages.

Our power flushing in Dunstable, Bedfordshire & the nearby area.